Player Profiles 1999/2000 Season
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President- Reggie Kray


Ashfield 95 FC Players

Martin Bowler (goalkeeper) In his first season at Ashfield formely of Selston, ex apprentice

James Creswell (goalkeeper) 3rd season at Ashfield

Darren Edmonds (defender) 6th consecutive season at Ashfield

Stuart Parker (defender) 1st season at Ashfield

Spencer Winfield (defender) Joined Ashfield midway through 95/96 season

Martin Sheldon (defender) Captain, 2nd spell with the club, formely of Blidworth

Owen Williams (defender) joined Ashfield this season

Darren Chambers (defender) 2nd season at Ashfield

Lee Wood (defender) Not always available due to work commitments

Steven Walker (defender) 2nd season at club

Paul Osbourne (defender) Long serving into 4th season

Alan Briely (midfield) Another ex selston player, in his 2nd season

Mark Sheldon (midfield) also in 6th season at Ashfield

Ben Woodward (defender) Now in his 2nd season at Ashfield

Mark Burton (midfield) 1st season at Ashfield, formely of Selston

Matt Waring (midfield) Joined the club this season

Martin Parsons (midfield) 2nd spell at club since moving back from London

Stuart Bosworth (midfield) 2nd season

Timmy Scott (midfield) Moves into his 5th season at Ashfield

Darren Palfrey (midfield) New signing this season

Mickey Allen (forward) another new signing this season

Jonathon Shepstone (midfield) Joined club October this season

Jimmy Bottomore (midfield) Signed this season, but has been plagued by injury

Neil Poyser (forward) into 2nd season, last season scoring 14 in 14 apperances

Jonathon Scott (forward) into his 5th season at the club

Darren Howard (forward) another long server entering his 5th season

Andy Powers (forward) New signing this season

Martin Barsby (forward) also in his first season at Ashfield